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Quick Report: Midtown Comics Downtown

So this past Saturday, fellow author and Buffy alum Amber Benson and I did our annual book signing together.  We both pub on the same day, so it's fun to get together and keep each other from going crazy at the signings.   This time we were at the new downtown location of Midtown Comics (a bit oxymoronic, I know, but the space is awesome).  Here we are looking quite fetching here, I think... even I look good, and I rarely say that!

Don't we look like we should be solving crimes together?  Or at least writing books together?  I think so too.

The crowd is always great for these events.  A lot of Whedonesque enthusiasts turn out for her, which means part of my time in spent watching people who are shaking and can barely speak to sweet, sweet Amber.  I remind them to breathe.  How sweet is Amber, you may wonder?  So sweet that she, as a fan of my books herself, tries to turn them on to my series as well, which is awesome.  I'm not quite as well known as her, despite my insistence to her fans that I was her stunt double on Buffy.  Part of me secretly wants that level of adoration thrust upon me...

Speaking of which, I got a little fan love this time around.  There were cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine that one awesome reader brought, and oh my crap they were delicious!  Let's see... other interesting things that happened... I signed some Kindles, a Sony Reader, a faux movie poster for Dead To Me that the webmistress of undeadapproved.com brought, and I also signed packs of Life Savers, a signing first for me (although it did cause a bit of a marital spat when someones wife accidentally ate them on the way home).

And here's the biggest first, right here in picture form:

That's right.  I finally had someone show up to a signing dressed as one of my characters!  I can check that off my bucket list.  I'm not gonna lie. It was hella-awesome!  He had everything-- the long black trenchcoat, the Ramones t-shirt, gloves, Life Savers, even a retractable bat!  He joke that he was maybe Simon in twenty years.  I told him I thought it was cute he thought Simon would live that long working for the Department of Extraordinary Affairs. 

All in all, a great signing with an amazing fellow author and stupendous readers and fans, some old and some new!  I am humbled and honored that you guys dig the books enough to show your unbound enthusiasm towards me.  It means a lot.

Now back to the book mines!

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