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February 2nd, 2017

My tweets

  • Wed, 14:44: I wish I could get my head out of the news cycle & just go create something, but right now I just can't
  • Wed, 18:11: If we're going to have a bacon shortage at the same time all this other shit is happening, I want off this planet....
  • Wed, 20:57: I've watched the credits for @HuntedCBS closely, yet I STILL can't find the names of the Beard & Scowl Coordinator To Mr. @MykeCole anywhere
  • Thu, 03:29: As I understand it, if the groundhog doesn't see its shadow, we go to war with Mexico... if it does, it's four more weeks to nuclear winter
  • Thu, 03:39: Make of this what you will but right now the only thing keeping me sane is @ANTMVH1