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February 16th, 2017

My tweets

  • Wed, 14:29: Never forget. https://t.co/P575My2TMs
  • Wed, 15:22: RT @OandFPodcast: SPONSORS: This week we'll be discussing the new Gotham novel by @JasonStarrBooks so get your warez heard about on this ep…
  • Wed, 16:23: Fill in the blanks: We will be at war with ____________ by _______. My answers: 'The world', and 'any day now'.
  • Wed, 21:03: The only time I want to hear of a Russian vessel this close to the US is if Sean Connery & @AlecBaldwin are on it & hiding it
  • Thu, 02:38: Dear New Book, Please hurry & find your forever home. Sincerely, Anton's Stomach (I forgot how much I hate the waiting part :P)