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March 14th, 2017

My tweets

  • Mon, 13:27: It's a subtle yet significant distinction, but I think in terms of not what I need to boycott but rather on what I choose to support
  • Mon, 13:50: GUYS! the Illuminati contacted me through Facebook, so I got that going for me.. pretty excited! #1stRuleOfIlluminatiClub
  • Mon, 13:52: THIS close to starting an author services consultancy called You're Doin' It Wrong. Partly led by example, but also 20+years in publishing
  • Mon, 14:04: Dear @Veronica: I'll be grilling @acedtect for @OandFPodcast & can pay handsomely for dirt on him, but I suppose I can pay Tom directly...
  • Mon, 16:03: Rarely have I invoked Asimov's "INSUFFICIENT DATA FOR A MEANINGFUL ANSWER" as much as I have now in trying to sort out the truth in news
  • Mon, 18:32: I look forward to the day when we get back to accumulating evidence of a thing before saying said thing... ETA 1,330 days.
  • Mon, 19:13: I know we have game companies and other creators out there looking to sponsor! https://t.co/4qSSk5iY1L
  • Tue, 05:10: RT @erinscafe: Hey you guys, POTUS wants us to share our Obamacare disaster stories. You know what to do. https://t.co/AZPByzT5aX